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What is Amblyopia?

Posted on 11-30-2017

          Amblyopia (lazy eye), is a vision development disorder that causes the eye to fail at achieving normal vision accuracy, even while wearing contact lenses or p...

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What is Macular Degeneration?

Posted on 10-27-2017

           Age-related macular degeneration (also known as AMD or ARMD) is a medical condition that leads to blurred vision or even vision loss. AMD is a common co...

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Senior Eye Exam

Posted on 09-22-2017

If you're a senior, then you probably understand that your health needs can change more quickly than they did when you were younger, and your vision and eye health are no exceptions. Fort...

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Are You at Risk for Cataracts?

Posted on 08-08-2017

Cataracts are abnormal clumps of proteins clouding the eye's lens, a vital part of your eye located behind your pupil and iris. The lens is necessary for capturing incoming light and focus...

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Contacts for Astigmatism

Posted on 07-05-2017

A cornea that is curved abnormally may not allow light to focus directly on the retina. This can cause you to have blurry vision, whether you are looking at objects far away or up close. Blurry an...

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